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I Can’t. Believe. It’s Summer. June 16, 2014


Okay, so last time I actually wrote something (other than yesterday) was May 26th (…sorry guys) and THE WORLD has happened since then.

Okay, not exactly literally…but you know what I mean.

But for real. Since then I have:

  • Signed up for a college class (Accounting I…and no, I do NOT want to be an accountant…more like an event planner or a singer)

    Cause sometimes, you just wanna put a book on your head

    Cause sometimes, you just have to put a book on your head

  • Got into the National Honors Society (BUH BAM!).
  • Made doughnuts

    And they were delicious

    And they were delicious

  • Printed out a list of 100 Things I Need To Do This Summer (that may or may not me cooler…but whatever, it sounded fun).
  • Emailed my friend that I haven’t heard from in MONTHS

    To which I got this response Don't you just love him?

    To which I got this response
    Don’t you just love him?

  • Got my second semester grades back from the school (ALL. FREAKING. A’S. *sheds a lone tear of joy :’D**okay maybe a few lone tears of joy**okay, maybe a sob of joy**okay, maybe a RIVER of tears of joy…..you get the point**but despite all these asterisks, I didn’t actually cry at all**so yup*)
  • I got a Skype account

    How I've waited for this moment.

    How I’ve waited for this moment.

  • Spread love to the universe (..well, I’m working on it)
  • Started writing a story with a friend (just wait til I show you guys some of it)(!!!!!)
  • And wrote you guys a story/post about doughnuts, videochatting, asterisks, and a river of tears.

My work here is done.


My Review for Paper Towns by John Green: May 26, 2014

John Green…I love you. Like, seriously love you. Are you married? Is there somewhere I can file a marriage request? Courting request? Dating request? Polishing shoes request? I’ll do one of them. Or two. Or all. It all works.
But I LOVE this book. The Fault in Our Stars is still the best…BUT THIS IS DEFINITELY THE SECOND. How come they’re not making a movie out of this one? I mean, I would totally watch it… and it wouldn’t even have be as heart-wrenching as the Stars movie is going to be. I mean, what actor wouldn’t want to fake-break into Sea World? I WOULD! I mean, I’m not an actor or anything….but still.
Now, I love it with all my heart (I really do) but we do have a few problemo’s…
1) Quentin was too mushy. John (can I call you John?), sweetheart (that too?), I know you were trying to make it all deep and fill up pages and what-not, but the conversations Q had with himself were a teeny bit too deep. I mean, I have deep thoughts and all, but not THAT deep. That’s like, drowning in the ocean after playing with sharks deep. At some points in the story, the deep-ness was good. I got it. But at other points…he should have had less girl-ish thoughts. Just saying.
2) Q was a tiny bit obsessed with Margo. For real. Long-time crush or no, that’s kinda creepy.

But otherwise, I think it was all good. I FREAKING LOVED THE ROAD TRIP, though. That was by far my most FAVORITE part of the ENTIRE book.

Now about those shoe polishing requests…


If You Could Go Back In Time Or See The Future, Which Would You Choose? May 13, 2014

If I had to pick between going back in time or going into the future, I would pick going back in time.

While there are PLENTY of reasons I’ve chosen this option, a few of them are:

  1. To Remember Past Occurrences: So the next time my sister says “NO, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED…” I can say, “Uh, no, I recorded it…THIS is what happened…”

  2. Because I Can’t Remember Anything: Like where I put my earbuds…

  3. The Mysteries: If you think about it, there are WAY too many mysteries in America’s past, because either a)nobody thought to write it down, or b) nobody could write. Going back to figure out the reasons all these things happened would be AWESOME. Then I could start some secret-society-club where only me and a bunch of my friends would REALLY know what happened in ancient America…

  4. So I Can Kick Some Spanish Butt: For real. Of all the continents to slaughter people on, why couldn’t they have picked a nice island where monkeys were living? We would’ve found a way to save the monkeys. Eventually.

  5. To Fix A Few Mistakes: Wouldn’t we all like to do that…

  6. To Save Somebody Famous: Now how effing cool would it be for a picture of me saving Martin Luther King Jr. be in history books everywhere. Pretty effing cool.

  7. To Kill Somebody Famous: …What? Don’t worry, it’d only be Hitler or somebody like that (Random Fact: I did NOT know he had a love interest throughout his entire slaughter-ordeal. Just goes to show that we’re all human…though some of us more than others).

  8. Because If I Could Go Back In Time, It Would Mean I Had A Time Machine: Nuff said.




A Kinda Sorta Rant On Kinda Sorta Chocolate. And Books. That Too. March 6, 2014

One day, my sister and I were looking at my blog stats, and she said “Kirsten, when you get 100 followers, I’ll buy you Nutella”. We had just been, in fact, talking about how NOBODY GOT ME NUTELLA FOR MY BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR IT FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE AND I REMINDED THEM EVERY OTHER WEEK LEADING UP TO MY BIRTHDAY BUT NOOOOOO NOBODY GOT ME ANY ANYWAYS.

So it was mostly just me complaining.

But anyways, I obviously said “OKAY!!”

But then I looked to go see how many followers I had…and I only have 50. This is a preeeetty good number, if I do say so myself. Especially since a lot of them are actually real-live-breathing people that actually blog. But getting 100 would take awhile.

“YOU KNOW, how about you get me Nutella after I get 1000 VIEWS!”

“How many do you have right now?”

“Uuuuhm….seven hundred and something.”

“Okay, sure!”

So as of now, I have 156 more to go!!


Me and my Nutella will appreciate you guys. Well, I already do…but I’ll appreciate you MORE.

On an almost completely unrelated note, I finished reading Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge today. It’s kinda Greek mythology meets beauty and the beast….oh my GOSH THAT BOOK PUT ALL FAIRYTALE RE-TELLINGS TO ETERNAL SHAME. *official my 3rd most favorite book ever*

AND I ALSO PLAYED HUMAN FOOSBALL YESTERDAY AND IT WAS JUST AS WONDERFULLY MAGICAL AS I REMEMBER IT BEING! I’m telling you, if I EVER go into a sport professionally, that’s what it’ll be in.

And I’m also ready for Spring Break like you have no idea. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY ready. Really.


Fog, among other things January 10, 2014

The weather outside looks AWFUL. Like fog mixed with rain mixed with snow mixed with bleh. Like the old man who was snoring got a cold. And he keeps sneezing random drizzles of rain. And since he couldn’t blow his nose, he let it leak out, and it turned into sticky, cold foggy.


Okay, so remember that thirty day challenge I started? It took a year and a month and 2 days, but I’M FINALLY ON THE LAST QUESTION!

Just a side note, I’m not sure why on earth I gave the post that title (not this one, the other one). Looking back, it’s ridiculous. I’m also not sure why I put the whole ditch and babies thing there either…that doesn’t even make any logical sense (not that it ever does…but that’s not the point). I should’ve put something to do with shooting. Or skinny dipping. Or something completely out of the water like that (out of the water…hehe…no? okay).

But here it is:

30) Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?

…They just couldn’t have thought of a better question.

Okay, so in 5 years, it’ll be January 10th, 2019. So that year, I’ll have been in college for four years, and my sister will have been in college for two years, and my twin sisters will be graduating college the next year…so they’ll be juniors. I’m pretty sure. Arooound this time, my mom and dad will probably have moved to Washington (probably), and I’ll probably stay here and do college (NO PARENTS, WOOHOO!). About next week, I should be returning back to Kansas to go back to school…HEY, I’LL BE ALMOST DONE WITH MY BACHELOR’S! I better be married by then…but no kids. I have never understood why someone would get married, go on a 3 day honeymoon, then have kids 5 months later. I just don’t understand. Umm, I don’t exactly know what I’ll have almost majored in..BUT I’m looking into Event Planning, Voice, and kind of Journalism/Creative Writing right now. I’ll have this great job I want to work at already lined up, and it’ll be SO AMAZING, that I won’t even mind that I’ll have to wake up at 5am just so I can get a day’s work done. But I’ll be happy, so it won’t really matter.

Man, I have this more planned out then I thought I did.


At The Zoo November 16, 2013

*everybody leaves*

My Friend: …okay then, I killed everyone



Me: If you kill me, I’m going to kill you.

Him: Then we’d both be dead…

Me: Which would be incredibly inconvenient…SO, you don’t kill me, I don’t kill you?

Him: I couldn’t kill you…you’re too cute

Me: And I couldn’t kill you because then, Haart would have no one to marry.

Him: *backs away*

Me: What?

Him: Where the heck did that come from…



Me: It came from the zoo. Mhm.

Him: I want to go to the zoo…

Me: But you can’t.

Him: Why?

Me: BECAUSE if you do then you might accidentally walk by the tigers, who would call to the lions, who would roar at the seals…
and then the seals would start splashing around, and the penguins would take it as a declaration of war so then there would be this HUGE…

*he walks away for a second, then comes back*

Him: Okay, you lost me at huge.

Me: ….So then there would be this HUGE water fight. So then, this little wave of water would hit the bears, and the bears
would be napping so they would hate the water, so they would start rattling the bars of their cage and scare the giraffe’s, who are for some reason next to the wolves, who would howl and scare the animals in the petting zoo, who would scare the kids, who would start running…then the guards would think they’re under an attack, so then the snakes would break out from all these high-pitched screams and then they would all die from a sudden terrorist attack


And you might manage to escape to the parking lot, BUT THEN THE ELEPHANTS GET LOOSE and trample you…


Him: Like I said…I lost you at huge.

COMMENTARY: So, as it turns out, he probably posted that entire thing on Google +, and I’ll end up suing him.

But FROM ALL THIS, I came to the conclusion that I really need to write more, ’cause that was pretty awesome.



BARNACLES October 11, 2013

WHY, you ask, am I naming my post that?


You’re welcome.



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