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And Then There Was Snow February 7, 2014

So this week, depending on where you live, you either got way too much snow (*raises hand*) or a lot of rain (*lowers hand*)…though technically, snow is just rain. Except fluffier (*hesitantly half-raises hand*).

Okay, you can put your hands down now.

Earlier this week was very interesting.

Everyone had no school.

Except for me. I had school.

While the perks of being virtually homeschooled are many, this is NOT one of them. You NEVER get a snow day. Ever.

Unless the power goes out. But then, it doesn’t really count because something DISASTROUS would have to happen for that to happen.

And besides, what’s a snow day without the lights and your tablet (your battery could be dying) and your cell phone (your battery could be dying) and your laptop and the lights and the TV and the lights and the home-phone-only-your-parents-use (the battery could very well be dying) and the lights and that desktop-computer-no-one-uses and the lights?




To conclude, I like pie.



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