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My Review for Paper Towns by John Green: May 26, 2014

John Green…I love you. Like, seriously love you. Are you married? Is there somewhere I can file a marriage request? Courting request? Dating request? Polishing shoes request? I’ll do one of them. Or two. Or all. It all works.
But I LOVE this book. The Fault in Our Stars is still the best…BUT THIS IS DEFINITELY THE SECOND. How come they’re not making a movie out of this one? I mean, I would totally watch it… and it wouldn’t even have be as heart-wrenching as the Stars movie is going to be. I mean, what actor wouldn’t want to fake-break into Sea World? I WOULD! I mean, I’m not an actor or anything….but still.
Now, I love it with all my heart (I really do) but we do have a few problemo’s…
1) Quentin was too mushy. John (can I call you John?), sweetheart (that too?), I know you were trying to make it all deep and fill up pages and what-not, but the conversations Q had with himself were a teeny bit too deep. I mean, I have deep thoughts and all, but not THAT deep. That’s like, drowning in the ocean after playing with sharks deep. At some points in the story, the deep-ness was good. I got it. But at other points…he should have had less girl-ish thoughts. Just saying.
2) Q was a tiny bit obsessed with Margo. For real. Long-time crush or no, that’s kinda creepy.

But otherwise, I think it was all good. I FREAKING LOVED THE ROAD TRIP, though. That was by far my most FAVORITE part of the ENTIRE book.

Now about those shoe polishing requests…


If You Could Go Back In Time Or See The Future, Which Would You Choose? May 13, 2014

If I had to pick between going back in time or going into the future, I would pick going back in time.

While there are PLENTY of reasons I’ve chosen this option, a few of them are:

  1. To Remember Past Occurrences: So the next time my sister says “NO, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED…” I can say, “Uh, no, I recorded it…THIS is what happened…”

  2. Because I Can’t Remember Anything: Like where I put my earbuds…

  3. The Mysteries: If you think about it, there are WAY too many mysteries in America’s past, because either a)nobody thought to write it down, or b) nobody could write. Going back to figure out the reasons all these things happened would be AWESOME. Then I could start some secret-society-club where only me and a bunch of my friends would REALLY know what happened in ancient America…

  4. So I Can Kick Some Spanish Butt: For real. Of all the continents to slaughter people on, why couldn’t they have picked a nice island where monkeys were living? We would’ve found a way to save the monkeys. Eventually.

  5. To Fix A Few Mistakes: Wouldn’t we all like to do that…

  6. To Save Somebody Famous: Now how effing cool would it be for a picture of me saving Martin Luther King Jr. be in history books everywhere. Pretty effing cool.

  7. To Kill Somebody Famous: …What? Don’t worry, it’d only be Hitler or somebody like that (Random Fact: I did NOT know he had a love interest throughout his entire slaughter-ordeal. Just goes to show that we’re all human…though some of us more than others).

  8. Because If I Could Go Back In Time, It Would Mean I Had A Time Machine: Nuff said.




Camp NaNoWriMo (and how I’m kind of cheating, but not really) April 2, 2014

It’s that time of year again, guys. Time to bring out you pens/ pencils/ paper/ notebooks/ coffee/ tea/ water/ OJ/ lemonade/ typewriters/ laptops/ keyboards/ …I don’t know, gift cards? and START WRITING.


Seems like just a few months ago, I was trying, then deciding not too, then deciding too, then failing at the regular NaNoWriMo.

Oh sweet memories…


Oh yeah…I didn’t explain the title yet. Okay, so I was SUPPOSED to start writing whatever I’m supposed to be writing yesterday, but my laptop charger broke, so then I could no longer charge my computer…so I couldn’t use it for a 2 days…


But I survived. So I’m okay.

But anyways, I went on to check my account, and there were like, 30 camper messages from people saying hi. 45 hours after I said hi. Cabin-mates suck sometimes, you guys. I’m just saying. So THEN, I went on and put that I wrote 1,435 words today.

Now this is kind of a lie…but not really. I didn’t actually physically sit down and type up that many words and decided to dedicate it to NaNoWriMo. No, what I decided to do was edit a story that I had kinda sorta started a little bit, and see how far I got with it. So TECHNICALLY, since I had to do all the work and search for a grand total of 30 seconds for the document, that can count as my writing time. Besides, I’m going to go edit it some today anyways. And THAT counts as working.


And besides, it’s not like I don’t have that many words and I totally lied…

Okay, moving on.


Okay, now for not rambling actual GOOD news.


Only un problemo, mi amigo’s (and no, I’m not taking spanish…I’m taking french. Don’t ask)…there’s a sponsor fee. And I need half of it ($240) by before the end of the month. So I have to like, call people. REAL PEOPLE. LIKE, REAL REAL LIVE PEOPLE.


Haha, I’m just kidding…I’m actually really excited about it. Even the getting sponsors part. I mean, this is a pageant with a purpose. They don’t do the swimsuit modeling part, and you don’t even have to model at all if you don’t want too. You learn interviewing skills, you learn how to confidently walk and talk in front of a live audience with lots of people, you can practice your talent, and win awards for it, you do community service…it’s awesome. Getting the sponsors should be REALLY fun after I figure out what I’m supposed to say. If I can make it to state finals, I can talk to a general manager. I mean, they’re not going to like, bite me…right? They’ll just sit there and listen and look at the brochure and talk with me and tell me yes or no! I mean, I’m ALREADY a people person. It’s why I like downtown so much. And why I never ever EVER want to live on the farm. Or too far into the country. We could have a 2 million dollar mansion, but if it were too far away from civilization, I’d go rent a bungalow or something.

Okay, the mansion part miiight not be completely accurate…but you get the point.


Wow, I get excited REALLY easily… But I guess that’s a good thing. I mean, cause when I get a boyfriend (AHAHAHAHHAHA THAT’S FUNNY! I mean…*ahem*, keep reading), he’ll always be happy cause I’ll just be happy to see him all the time!

But flowers are still good. Oooooh or chocolate. You can never EVER have enough of that.

Like, ever.


I picked a really bad place to end this but IT’S STILL GOOD November 20, 2013

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Going to school the next day wasn’t so hard. Maybe it was because she had gotten home earlier then she expected and got some extra sleep. As she got out of the car and thanked her mom for driving her (she would normally have driven, but she didn’t want her day to be ruined because she’d had to yell at some stupid driver), she smelled trouble. Literally. It smelled wrong. She tried to place the scent for a moment, and then she realized…it smelled like blood. She rushed towards the entrance of the school, and was greeted by the sight of a gathered crowd of students. Pushing through the throng, she stood on her tip-toes to try to see what was happening. She gasped when she recognized every face that was involved. Towards her left was Tristan, Liz, Taylor, and that one guy….what was his name? It took her a second, but then she remembered….it was Carl. Liz looked terrible. She had a bloody nose, and it was ruining her makeup that had probably taken her an hour to fix. Someone bumped into her, and from that angle, she could see that the other side of her face had a bruised on it. She smiled a little as she pictured how her face would look when she saw what had happened, but that quickly turned into a frown as Tristan started speaking.

“Noah, just leave us alone and quit being such a jerk.”

Noah, looking unscathed, as usual, laughed and replied “As soon as you all admit that I’m better than you, I’ll leave you alone. Everybody…except you. We have a score to settle.” Noah’s eyes narrowed, and his gaze settled on Carl. She wondered what Carl could’ve done. He was usually pretty laid back, from what she could tell. Then she saw it…Noah had a broken leg. And Carl’s arm looked slightly twisted. They had broken each other’s…OH! That’s what must have happened on Thursday at the game. Somebody must’ve started some kind of skirmish…and Carl must have defended whoever started it. She hated to think of what the boy must look like after fighting Noah. They must’ve put up a pretty good fight, though, if it had ended with the breaking of a leg.


The next next next NEEEEXT part (i’ll put a new title next time, i promise) November 19, 2013

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She had known him only for about an hour before lunch. He was one of those guys that everyone knew of, but no one actually knew.  Sure, he was good looking and an amazing soccer player, but there was already a top player in that sport (Roger), so he ended up standing in the lamp light. This wasn’t a particularly good place to stand, of course, but he bore it quite well for someone with his talent. Of course, only a few people really knew he was talented. This was, in a way, good because Roger didn’t see his as competition. No competition + belief that you rule the school = all-powerfulness + girls + no trouble. That’s just how things worked.

But then they went to state. This was when the real trouble started.

She remembered going to the state game with Tristan, Lydia, and Liz. They had already bought enough food for half an army (and had even more in the girls’ purses) and were excitedly anticipating the start of the game.

Liz, standing on the sidelines and waving to every guy in a uniform, said wistfully, “Oh, if only Roger would notice me…I swear, we would totally be the cutest couple. Like, ever.”

Lydia, usually the person most annoyed with Liz, said, “Liz, you say that about every single freaking guy. If I hear you say that ONE MORE TIME, I’m going to take a gun to your head and-“

“GUYS. Don’t be so darn violent. Jeez.”

“Like you’re one to talk Tristan. I heard you talking about wanting a chainsaw for your birthday.”

She loved hearing her friends argue about silly meaningless things like this. It made her feel better knowing that they were all harmonizing. Even if harmonizing meant debating who was more violent and talking about chainsaws.

Faking his being offended, Tristan scoffed, “PSH, please Liz. You’re obviously the most violent out of everybody. You remember when Noah decided to take you out, and you-“


Audibly groaning and shouting protests, the crowd reluctantly got up and left their seats.

“Dude, I’m so going back up there to get a refund. I spent like, eight freaking dollars for those tickets.” Heading towards the stairs, Liz was looking more annoyed with life than usual.

“Hear, hear. I’m goin’ with Liz…y’all coming?” Lydia raised an eyebrow and turned towards Tristan.

“Nah, I’ll stay here with the creeper.” Finally catching up and holding at least three drinks, she threw him an annoyed look and said, “If I had any free hands right now, I would throttle you.”

Half dancing, half skipping away from reach, Tristan went towards the gate and shouted, “GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! SEE YOU GUYS TOMORROW.”

“WAIT UP DOOFUS, YOU’VE GOT MY KEYS!” Liz, struggling to run in her 5 inch pumps, quickly limped over to the gate where Tristan was grinning from ear to ear. As Tristan started to leave, she watched as Liz tackled him, and kissed him into submission.

Heaving a sigh, she turned towards Lydia who had been watching her critically.


“You wish you had somebody…don’t you?”

“Lydia, not now.” Pushing past Lydia, she headed towards the throng of people who were still leaving. “Weren’t we supposed to be getting a refund or something?”

Turning around to start heading in that direction, she started when she felt Lydia grab her wrist. “Don’t start. We both know what you’re thinking.”

Smirking, she said “At this rate, they’ll be out of money by the time we get there.” She turned, and started skipping away. As she glanced back, she saw Lydia shake her head and follow her.

At least she avoided that confrontation. It was hard to ignore Lydia. Lydia was a good friend, but she felt like she always had to tell her everything. But whatever, she’d be fine. She’d lasted this long, anyways.


The next next NEXT part November 18, 2013

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The first thing she felt when she woke up the next morning was…happiness. She wasn’t usually happy…what happened? OH! She went out with Carl yesterday. She smiled faintly sitting up. She looked behind her at the wall. On the wall was a plastic bracelet with blue, silver, and purple beads on it. She reached up to put it on when reality hit her and she froze. She went out with Carl yesterday.

“Yoo-hoo! Sissy sissy sistah, wake uuuuuup.” Her youngest sister entered the room to find her looking worse then she had in a long time. Her face was an ashy grey shade, her hands were trembling, and she was on the brink of tears.

“A-a……a-are you okay?” Her sister would have cried just seeing her like that if the color hadn’t have returned back to her face.

“Wait…huh? OH, yeah, fine. I’m up. Bye.” Her sister, still unsure of her sister’s currently state of health, turned back timidly once at the door.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, yes. I’m fine. Go eat breakfast or something.” Her sister closed the door cautiously, as if afraid something else might happen.

When the door was finally closed, she slumped against her pillow. What was she going to do? She shouldn’t have gone out with him…she should’ve made up an excuse of some sort. Yes, she should’ve said her dad was still home and sick, and that she needed to take care of him. She felt like banging her head against the wall.

Why. Did. She. Let. Him. Stay.

She looked up again at the bracelet she was going to grab off the wall just minutes ago. In a sudden burst of rage, she ripped the bracelet off the wall, tore it apart, and scattered the beads everywhere. With a look of lunacy in her eyes, she looked around the room, looking for something else to tear apart. While combing the room with a hungry look in her eye, she saw something gleaming near the window. Hopping across the cold floor, she reached the window sill and reached out to see what the gleaming thing was. What she saw made her recoil in horror. It was the silver and pink bead. The only bead on the bracelet that had ever meant anything to her. She sank slowly onto the rug, and cried. She cried for everything that had happened. She cried for everything feeling she’d ever had, for every decision she had make, and would ever have to make. She cried because of all her mistakes, because of all the chances she never took, because of all the things she never said or never did.

She cried for Carl. She cried because she was sorry.


IF YOU DON’T LOVE THIS TOO, THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU….Don’t Worry, I’ll Get You A Brain Surgeon *Pulls Out Gloves*

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This song is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and an AMAZING help when I was writing parts of chapter one.


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