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My Brain Is Currently All Over The Place April 8, 2014

And by all over the place, I mean ALL over the place.

1) Okay, so remember how I told you that I was going to raise sponsors, and how much fun it would be.

….Yeahhhh, now I know why nobody ever gets into pageants. Darn $500.

2) PROM IS THIS WEEKEND! And I don’t have a jacket/sweater thingy to go with my dress yet…


4) I keep forgetting I still need to get money for Girls Camp. For real.


6) This is the conversation I had with my teacher this morning. Work for word.

Teacher: Hello Kirsten. How can I help you today?
Me: Hi Mrs. Davis :D I wanted to talk to you about the 6.07 Assignment.
Teacher: Ok
Me: Okay, so, it says in the instructions that it needs to be 600-650 words long, but I think that that’s too long. If the point is to make this an online article, people won’t want to read something that’s that long. The original story is only, 450-ish words long, and newspaper stories that are online are generally shorter than the ones that are published in an actual newspaper
AND we’re still supposed to be deleting sentences. I know we’re supposed to add some too, but that’d still keep it at about 500 words.
Sooo yup. I think it should be shorter.
*are generally shorter than the ones that are published in an actual newspaper
Teacher: Hi Kirsten – please follow the directions. Part of the challenge of writing an online story is to keep the reader engaged by making it interesting. Do the best you can, but make sure you follow the directions.
Me: But the point is to make this as real and authentic as possible, right? It won’t be as real if the online article is longer than the print-out version. Shouldn’t it at least be the same length? I mean, take Wikipedia for example…that’s a condensed version of a bunch of different information from other stories and websites.
Teacher: I’m sorry you don’t agree with the lesson requirements, but if you want maximum points, you have to follow and meet them. Like I said, just do your best and try to make it as engaging and interesting as possible.

…Come on, tell me that wasn’t an amazing argument.

7) My own sisters don’t want me (or my other sister/their other older sister) at their skating rink party. WHERE IS THE LOVE/I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I DID/ I DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING YET D:

8) Stupid French…

9) I TOTALLY SHOULD’VE GOTTEN A 100% ON MY HISTORY PAPER. I got a 90, and that’s great and all…BUT STILL.

10) Dylan hasn’t emailed me back yet…

11) Josh hasn’t texted me back yet…

12) I’m running out of minutes on my phone, and I need to buy more, but COME ON PEOPLE I HAVE OTHER STUFF I NEED TO BUY TOO

13) Dex and Chazz haven’t emailed me back yet…

14) Google hasn’t had a picture thingy on its main page for forever D:



And that, ladies and gentleman, is my random list of woes that I thought of just now.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.



P.S. OH OH OH BUT IN GOOD NEWS, the guy I like sat next to me. And today’s his half birthday. And he probably doesn’t know it but THAT’S OKAY ‘CAUSE I STILL FELT SPECIAL DEEP INSIDE. Okay. I’m good now.


yes…yes i am January 15, 2013

I….am bored. So I’m going to keep posting until I figure out something else I could be doing.
7) Post your favorite quote.
See? Now THIS is a much more interesting question.

Now, I have a lot of favorite quotes….especially since there are just so many good ones out there. But one of my absolute favorites is:

A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the word you first thought of.” –Burt Bacharach

The first time I ever saw it, I laughed and was all THAT’S SO TRUUUUUUUUUE BWAHAHA. Then after I became a little bit more serious, I said That…..is sooo true….hehehe and funny

I also like these three:

“Football isn’t a contact sport, it’s a collision sport. Dancing is a contact sport.” -Duffy Daugherty

Not all who wander are lost.” –J. R. R. Tolkien

I have lost friends, some by death, others through sheer inability to cross the street.” –Virginia


6) When was the last time you were truly honest with someone? What was it about?

….I’m starting to think that these are reeeeeeally dumb questions.
I was honest with someone today about their relationship with someone. He needed some advice with asking this girl out, and I was all SUUUUUUUUUREEEEE (him knowing full well that he was about to be trapped in a well of ‘advice’) >:D

SO then I gave him some advice…..the end.



Okay…this is gonna be the LAST.ONE. January 4, 2013


I am seriously just going to keep posting until I find something to do. That’s one of the many problems with school breaks. You wish and wish and wish they would come faster, but if they’re longer than a few days, you run out of things to do…which helps no one.

So, question….is it weird to eat ice? ‘Cause I think it is…and my sisters sitting across from me doing it. Doesn’t that dull your teeth faster or something?

I think I’m going to go start a debate with someone….and win. Have I mentioned before that I’m an avid debator? I’ll debate your ears off if you give me a good topic.

Or maybe I’ll go rant about this one guy friend of mine…

He should be punched, by the way. Brutally. Or at least nearly so. And it’s not what he did to me either…..OKAY! HAPPY TOPIC!


Ummmm…..OH, about bunnies. They kinda freak me out. They’re my favorite animal (kinda sorta), but they freak me out….I don’t even know what their teeth look like. And I’m way too chicken to google it. For some reason, I’ve always imagined bunnies teeth to look something between wood-looking teeth (like George Washington! :D) and something from Bunicula. But if I ever found out, and they look like what I think they look like….I will seriously go out and find another animal to be my favorite. Seriously.

And I seriously need to quit saying seriously so much. Seriously.



3) If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you want to do? (I still can’t believe I remembered to do this…hehehe)

Wellll…I would skip school, talk to all my friends for hours, take my entire family with me everywhere (cause some family time needs to get in there somewhere), go shopping like a maniac, fly to colorado and go say bye to Alex, fly back REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY fast, and end my night going to a SUPER HUGE party.

I’d be the one crashing the party, but still.


Home school ramblings January 3, 2013

Filed under: 2013,bored to the death of humanity,in the beginning — pinkdoughnuts15 @ 11:40 am

One of the surprising many downsides of being home-schooled is that you can get behind…

So behind, behind isn’t even the right word.

Now I’m not THAT far behind…just by a couple days, but GOSH you’ve got to work hard to get back on track with everyone else. I have to read, like, hundreds of pages for history…and I LIKE history. Well, not so much anymore, but still.

Bottom line, if you’re not AMAZING at budgeting time or if you’re not REALLY good at NOT procrastinating, do NOT do home school. Like, ever. Unless you want practice for college…then you might want to go ahead and sign up for it.

I seriously don’t understand why people are all OMG UR SO LUCKYYYYYY when I tell them I’m home schooled. I go to an online charter school people….YOU HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF TALK TIME AND EVERYTHING. The only thing that’s different is that you don’t have a person standing directly in front of you when you’re talking to them. Even then, they technically are since you both have to be in front of the computer at the same time. You get the same amount of bullying…and drama…and that kind of sarcasm where you can’t tell it was sarcasm until later when somebody’s all like, “Uhh…you know that was sarcasm…right?” and your all, “OF COURSE I KNEW THAT! I’m not dumb or anything…”. Not that you are dumb…but yeah.

I just don’t understand it.


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