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Ahhh Another Award… May 2, 2014

EDIT: Forgot to post the rules…



You never know if you’re doing something right until you get nominated 20 times for the same award (my most FAVORITE award). Maybe I should start a trophy shelf…THAT’D be cool.

ANYWAYS, I’d like to thank the wonderful Adrian Sanchez. I have absolutely no idea who you are, but I’ll go ahead and assume you’re awesome since I was nominated. *Gold star.*

You’re welcome.

Now, first off, I would like to express my confusion…I did in no way know that we were supposed to post 11 random facts about ourselves before we get on to answering the questions. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

Are you guys hiding rules from me…? Because if you are, then THE JOKES ON YOU because I never would have found out it was a joke anyways. So HA!

1) I really really like pie Like, more than cake. Really

2) I also really REALLY like Nutella Especially on bagels…IT’S JUST SO GOOD

3) I do not like chocolate with nuts in it …who does?

5) I just skipped fact number four

6) And now I’m going to put it after fact number seven

7) And you just looked to see if it’s there, which it’s not But that’s a fact about you, and not me

8)  I REALLY LIKE SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE April Fool’s is one of my most favorite holiday’s in existence

9) I have three sisters All of which are little monsters whom I adore

4) I put number four back You’re welcome, #4

10) When I was picking what language I wanted to do for high school, I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to do Spanish or French, so, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, I went with French. But they uploaded Spanish. So I told them I wanted French One of the worst decision’s I have ever made ever

11) I didn’t get a cell phone until last year The pain I felt when I saw 7-year olds with iPhone’s…


The Questions:


What are you reading right now? Well, I just finished reading the Red Badge of Courage for literature, but I’m still kind of reading it because I have to write a literary analysis on it. I’m also 1 page in to my honors lit book, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (gosh, I don’t hate you Twain, but really, you suck sometimes).
How do you choose which books you want to read? Wow, I just now really looked at all these questions, and they all have to do with reading or writing…where’s the “Do you pick your nose when you sleep?” questions?

How do I choose…hm. That’s a good question. I have an account on goodreads, so I’ll usually read whatever’s popular for teens (sometimes. sometimes the popular books look TERRIBLE) or whatever my friend’s suggest or whatever book it says I might like or whatever book looks like it won’t end in heartbreak and tears and broken plates and such.
What is your writing process? For creative writing? Or for school? Well, I guess it’s about the same both ways…so NEVERMIND, don’t answer that. The way I write is by brain dump. I put everything on paper and try not to stop until I’m finished (otherwise, all my literature papers would look like my short stories…nonexistent/not finished).
Which author do you admire and why? OOOO that’s a HARD one…like, really hard. Really REALLY hard. Really REally REAlly REALy REALLY hard. And I’m probably just going to procrastinate on this question until the end of humanity.
What is your favorite place to write and why? …On my computer….mostly because my writing sucks when I’m writing on paper. Plus, I type faster than I write, so I can get all my ideas down faster. I can’t WAIT until somebody invents a computer that has a headpiece that you can put on, and all your brain information gets sent to the computer….
What books are you looking forward to this year? That Are Coming Out: The One (IT BETTER NOT END WEIRD OR I’LL BE SO MAD AT HER THERE WON’T EVEN BE WORDS JUST LOTS OF GIBBERISH SOUNDING YELLING), The Blood Of Olympus (THAT ONE BETTER NOT END WEIRD EITHER WITH EVERYBODY DEAD/ DYING ALL OVER THE PLACE OR I’LL FIND RIORDAN’S FREAKING ADDRESS AND SEND HIM A LETTER ABOUT HOW MAD I AM AT HIM EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE), anddd I can’t think of anymore right now. That I Need To Read: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Emerald Green, Sisters, The Book Thief, Paper Towns, The Origami Yoda etc etc etc.
When did you first start writing? Ninth grade. It started with a story (that failed), then I went into poetry (that, looking back, mostly sucked), then back to writing stories I’ve never finished. I did, however, start writing songs (the lyrics) a little bit earlier than ninth grade. THOSE, I must admit, I’m proud of. Well, most of them. Some of them I laugh at so hard, and wonder what on earth I was thinking…
What is the first book you can remember reading?

Probably something close to this

Probably something close to this

Have you ever taking any writing classes? YES YES I HAVE. It was in 9th grade, and I met the girl that taught me a habit that would eventually get me in trouble (no…it wasn’t stealing….and no….it had nothing to do with profanity…yeesh you guys’re judgmental). I even remember her name (the teacher, not the girl)…Mrs. Card (get it? Card? hehehe……no? okay then).
Who is your favorite literary character? Augustus freaking Waters and Ignifex. If I ever get married…it’ll be to one of them. And yes, that was the sound of me willingly throwing all other potential suitors out the window.

What is your favorite classic book? Hmmm…I think I’m going to say The Wizard of Oz or The Glass Menagerie (that totally and completely counts). OH OH OH OR A PRINCESS BOOK! I love princess books. Or really any fairytale for that matter…so maybe I’ll just say this.




What is your favorite flavor toothpaste?

Are you scared of planes/heights/flying?

How many cups of water do you drink and WHY AREN’T YOU DRINKING MORE (don’t worry, I am also victim of the I’mateenagerandIdon’tneedwaterduh plague)??

What was your favorite children’s show when you were, you know, a kid and stuff?

About what age did you lose your first tooth (by either natural or unnatural means)?

What is your most favorite book (you can ONLY PICK ONE and you CANNOT say ‘I don’t know’. That is an inexcusable answer)?

What is your most favorite pie (again, you can only pick one and I DON’T KNOW ISN’T AN ANSWER)?

Have you ever tried to fly away in a cardboard box?

What is your favorite color?

What is your LUCKY color (and no, it can’t be the same color as your favorite color…there’s a difference)?




Second of all, NOW here are the people I’ve nominated (who over over-talented with too few followers):

A Little Something About Ly

Blaze’s Blog

Simply Miko


And whoever else!



SNOW-MORE (..get it? snowmore? no more?) March 25, 2014

I know I’m hilarious.

So remember the last time I talked about snow?


It snowed…



I’m starting to think I’m going to have to take back that I-Love-Snow-With-All-My-Heart-And-Soul statement. I know I’ll change my mind during the middle of summer but hey, I’ve 3-4 months to go. I’LL BE FINE! :D

*3-4 months later*

I hate the sun.

*5 months after that*



Happy First Birthday (I feel like I should put ‘Baby’) December 7, 2013

So today, I just happened to log into wordpress. And it’s my blog first year anniversary.

My first thought was, WOOOOOAH, I’VE HAD A BLOG THIS LONG?! I’m so cool.

Okay, not that last part…but the first part.

And my second thought was, what are the chances…I was about to go offline and everything.

So I guess I am pretty cool after all. Cool AND psychic.

Happy Anniversary Poohlovers!


maybe i should’ve put edgar or george instead… November 16, 2013

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So, question, when somebody asks you what kind of stuff do you write, but you write a little bit of everything, how do you respond?

Well I said that I write a mixture of YA and middle school lit. But NO, that’s wasn’t specific enough.


Anyways, for an assignment for American Lit this week, I was supposed to write an essay. Which is kind of obvious. But you were supposed to imagine you were living in the 1800’s, and you live in the East, but economic opportunities are failing. Fast. So you decide to move out West to try your luck. So then, you were supposed to write an essay on whether you’d be a miner, a cowboy, or a farmer, and the pros and cons. Now I don’t mind writing essay’s for history. If I had to pick to write an essay for history or literature, I’d pick history, just because I think it’s more fun to write about events then a dead authors thoughts on his own poem (I mean really. Does a rose NEED to be a symbol of something? Can’t it just be a rose?).

My teacher hasn’t graded it yet, but I am SO PROUD OF THIS (mostly because it was SO MUCH fun to write), so I’m going to post it on here.

Keeping in mind that I thought writing an essay would be too boring, so I wrote it in the form of a letter.

NOTE BEFORE YOU START READING THIS: Okay, I realize that parts and pieces of this would be unrealistic. And maybe that some of the words I used weren’t invented yet, I don’t really know. Just please don’t comment on how REALLY unrealistic according to this link and this link and this article and this tumblr post. Seriously. I appreciate feedback and all…but yeah.


Dearest Mother,

By the time this letter will have gotten to you, I will already be on a train and well into the Western country. Even in this age of transportation, mail is still too slow for this to reach you in time. Maybe that’s a good thing, because if the trains were any faster, you might’ve written letter upon letter trying to convince me to choose otherwise. I assure you, mother, that I have thought long and hard about this. I have considered the dangers, the opportunities, and I’ve even considered all possible alternatives.

But I have decided to go West, and try my luck as a cowboy.

Yes, I can picture your initial shock as you run outside to wave down my older brother, who’s probably working in the fields. You’ll run up to him, near tears, and you’ll hand him this letter. He’ll smile grimly, because he knows that I was exactly right in my description, but don’t worry mother. If it doesn’t work out the way I’ve planned, I’ll go and try something else.

By now, you’re probably sitting inside in a stony silence while my brother reads this to you in a chair opposite of yours. So maybe, I should be writing to my brother instead. It’s just as well to address you both. Maybe I should try and convince you that I’ve chosen in the right? I can hear mother’s strained laugh as you finish reading that sentence to her, brother, but I shall try my best to convince you not to send a mob with flaming torches after me anyways.

I’ve found a job working for a man named Mr. Smithens. From what I can tell by his letters, which you can only imagine is so much, he’s a good and honest man. I can only hope that my luck is so good, but I shall wish for the best. He’s written to me that my job will be to drive his cattle from Kansas, and towards Texas, where the cattle will be shipped to the East. By now, mother, you’re probably cursing the day of the Louisiana Purchase. Nevertheless, I shall go on to tell you that I’ll be earning some good money in this field. As always, I’ll send part of my income to support you. You’ll probably curse the money also, but I imagine that you’ll fine something to use it for. I should be driving cattle about a solid 13 miles a day, and all from horseback. Growing up on a farm has had it’s perks, even after becoming a scholar. I’ll also have plenty of months out of the year to come visit you, since I’ll only be working for a good half a year. Maybe I’ll still be able to teach in the East after all.

After telling my friend, Mr. Manthel, of my intentions, he did warn me of all the dangers of becoming a cowboy, so you mustn’t feel any need to scold me mother. There will be plenty of storms, and plenty of runs to catch up with the frightened cattle. My horse might trip, and I’d be crushed under a writhing mass of legs. I might lose the cattle completely, and find myself devoid of all pay. I might be overcome by Indians or robbers…ah, but no need to frighten you more then you already are. You’re probably already stark white anyways.

But, I feel obligated to give you a reason for my choice. After all, you knew what a determined scholar I was when I left you and my brother to go East. Well mother, economic opportunity here is failing fast. What with these new things going on, money has been scarce for months. After taking weeks off of studies and teaching to look for a new occupation, my money has nearly run out. I should only have a few dollars left after buying a train ticket. And, to tell you the full and honest truth, sitting in a classroom for hours at a time has made me restless. I’m ready for adventure. Being a farmer in the West is too unstable, and a miner, you must see, would be much more dangerous than being a cowboy, what with all the cave-ins and temperature changes….yes, you must realize this.

I hope that this letter has found you in good health, though it might have felt as if it has declined some after reading this, and that you will not be too angry with me when I write you again.

With All My Love,



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