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I Got Bored (You’re Welcome) May 9, 2014

If you were trapped on an abandoned island and your only resources were 3000 popsicle sticks, 3 gallons of glue, 2 tires, and 30 rubber bands, what would you do? What would you build?

Well first of all, I’d wonder why on earth there were 3 gallons of glue on an abandoned island. Then I’d wonder who one earth was able to eat 3000 popsicle’s and still be alive (just kidding, I’ve probably eaten about that many). Then I’d wonder where all of those rubber bands came from…but I don’t think I’d wonder so much about the tires. I feel like tires should be included on the list of random things that would be on a random abandoned island.

First, I’d probably build some incredibly sad and flimsy shelter out of glue and tires. I won’t go in depth explaining how that would work, because it probably wouldn’t. Second, I’d try to see if there were any more popsicles (hey, if they were there that long, then there’s got to be some liquid popsicles somewhere). Then after that I’d probably build some kind of raft/boat/floaty-thingy. I feel like that wouldn’t do me much good, though. If I had absolutely no idea where I was and it was ridiculously sunny outside all the time, why would I want to aimlessly float around on something that could sink at any moment and risk the chance of dying of a heat stroke?

On second thought, maybe I’d just find a way to build a gigantic fire…


My Brain Is Currently All Over The Place April 8, 2014

And by all over the place, I mean ALL over the place.

1) Okay, so remember how I told you that I was going to raise sponsors, and how much fun it would be.

….Yeahhhh, now I know why nobody ever gets into pageants. Darn $500.

2) PROM IS THIS WEEKEND! And I don’t have a jacket/sweater thingy to go with my dress yet…


4) I keep forgetting I still need to get money for Girls Camp. For real.


6) This is the conversation I had with my teacher this morning. Work for word.

Teacher: Hello Kirsten. How can I help you today?
Me: Hi Mrs. Davis :D I wanted to talk to you about the 6.07 Assignment.
Teacher: Ok
Me: Okay, so, it says in the instructions that it needs to be 600-650 words long, but I think that that’s too long. If the point is to make this an online article, people won’t want to read something that’s that long. The original story is only, 450-ish words long, and newspaper stories that are online are generally shorter than the ones that are published in an actual newspaper
AND we’re still supposed to be deleting sentences. I know we’re supposed to add some too, but that’d still keep it at about 500 words.
Sooo yup. I think it should be shorter.
*are generally shorter than the ones that are published in an actual newspaper
Teacher: Hi Kirsten – please follow the directions. Part of the challenge of writing an online story is to keep the reader engaged by making it interesting. Do the best you can, but make sure you follow the directions.
Me: But the point is to make this as real and authentic as possible, right? It won’t be as real if the online article is longer than the print-out version. Shouldn’t it at least be the same length? I mean, take Wikipedia for example…that’s a condensed version of a bunch of different information from other stories and websites.
Teacher: I’m sorry you don’t agree with the lesson requirements, but if you want maximum points, you have to follow and meet them. Like I said, just do your best and try to make it as engaging and interesting as possible.

…Come on, tell me that wasn’t an amazing argument.

7) My own sisters don’t want me (or my other sister/their other older sister) at their skating rink party. WHERE IS THE LOVE/I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I DID/ I DIDN’T EVEN DO ANYTHING YET D:

8) Stupid French…

9) I TOTALLY SHOULD’VE GOTTEN A 100% ON MY HISTORY PAPER. I got a 90, and that’s great and all…BUT STILL.

10) Dylan hasn’t emailed me back yet…

11) Josh hasn’t texted me back yet…

12) I’m running out of minutes on my phone, and I need to buy more, but COME ON PEOPLE I HAVE OTHER STUFF I NEED TO BUY TOO

13) Dex and Chazz haven’t emailed me back yet…

14) Google hasn’t had a picture thingy on its main page for forever D:



And that, ladies and gentleman, is my random list of woes that I thought of just now.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.



P.S. OH OH OH BUT IN GOOD NEWS, the guy I like sat next to me. And today’s his half birthday. And he probably doesn’t know it but THAT’S OKAY ‘CAUSE I STILL FELT SPECIAL DEEP INSIDE. Okay. I’m good now.


A Kinda Sorta Rant On Kinda Sorta Chocolate. And Books. That Too. March 6, 2014

One day, my sister and I were looking at my blog stats, and she said “Kirsten, when you get 100 followers, I’ll buy you Nutella”. We had just been, in fact, talking about how NOBODY GOT ME NUTELLA FOR MY BIRTHDAY EVEN THOUGH I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR IT FOUR MONTHS IN ADVANCE AND I REMINDED THEM EVERY OTHER WEEK LEADING UP TO MY BIRTHDAY BUT NOOOOOO NOBODY GOT ME ANY ANYWAYS.

So it was mostly just me complaining.

But anyways, I obviously said “OKAY!!”

But then I looked to go see how many followers I had…and I only have 50. This is a preeeetty good number, if I do say so myself. Especially since a lot of them are actually real-live-breathing people that actually blog. But getting 100 would take awhile.

“YOU KNOW, how about you get me Nutella after I get 1000 VIEWS!”

“How many do you have right now?”

“Uuuuhm….seven hundred and something.”

“Okay, sure!”

So as of now, I have 156 more to go!!


Me and my Nutella will appreciate you guys. Well, I already do…but I’ll appreciate you MORE.

On an almost completely unrelated note, I finished reading Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge today. It’s kinda Greek mythology meets beauty and the beast….oh my GOSH THAT BOOK PUT ALL FAIRYTALE RE-TELLINGS TO ETERNAL SHAME. *official my 3rd most favorite book ever*

AND I ALSO PLAYED HUMAN FOOSBALL YESTERDAY AND IT WAS JUST AS WONDERFULLY MAGICAL AS I REMEMBER IT BEING! I’m telling you, if I EVER go into a sport professionally, that’s what it’ll be in.

And I’m also ready for Spring Break like you have no idea. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY ready. Really.


How Did This Even Happen… February 26, 2014

So this semester, I decided to take a Journalism as an elective. This, I thought, would be BEYOND perfect. When I was younger, I used to want to be a reporter (along with a football player, a ballerina, a doctor, and teacher, a botanist, and girl version of Watson…) and I already love to write.

PERFECT, I told myself.

So the week before last, we submitted a story proposal. I picked to cover a girl from a local high school that was one of 16 people who received a computing award.

Last week, we submitted possible interview questions.

Then we went over good leads and kickers and proper news story layouts.

Not ONCE that ENTIRE TIME did it occur to me that I’d ACTUALLY have to interview a REAL LIFE person. Not once. Ever.

Now, I know I’m pretty smart (by pretty smart, I mean I know how to type and tie my shoes. And use the mailbox and I know how to climb up and down the stairs. Most of the time).


So NOW, I thought, I have to go hunt down this girl’s cell phone.

While looking for her cell phone number, I also found out that she was also chosen for the Senate Youth Program and scholarship.She also organized a fundraiser for a rape crisis center. She ALSO one of the 35 HS Women to win a Leading Technology Award. And to TOP IT ALL OFF, she’s ALSO the Kansas State Rep for the D.A.R.E. America Youth Advisory Board.

OF ALL THE STUFF SHE’S DONE, I chose to pick the topic of her winning a computing award…..

How does this only happen to me…

On another note that really pertains to this note but I’m making a new sentence for it anyways, it’s people like this that makes me feel lazy. I mean, Senate Youth Program? Scholarships? THE D.A.R.E YOUTH COMMITTEE?!

Oh, and my mom also made apple pie. It was very yummy.


One of the Most All Encompassing Quotes EVER February 14, 2014

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“All of you young people who served in the war, you are all a lost generation.” – Gertrude Stein


And Then There Was Snow February 7, 2014

So this week, depending on where you live, you either got way too much snow (*raises hand*) or a lot of rain (*lowers hand*)…though technically, snow is just rain. Except fluffier (*hesitantly half-raises hand*).

Okay, you can put your hands down now.

Earlier this week was very interesting.

Everyone had no school.

Except for me. I had school.

While the perks of being virtually homeschooled are many, this is NOT one of them. You NEVER get a snow day. Ever.

Unless the power goes out. But then, it doesn’t really count because something DISASTROUS would have to happen for that to happen.

And besides, what’s a snow day without the lights and your tablet (your battery could be dying) and your cell phone (your battery could be dying) and your laptop and the lights and the TV and the lights and the home-phone-only-your-parents-use (the battery could very well be dying) and the lights and that desktop-computer-no-one-uses and the lights?




To conclude, I like pie.



yes I know…I half murdered this November 8, 2013

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Okay, so you know how I’ve been so excited about the whole NaNoWirMo and kept talking about how I was gonna do it and all?

I have decided to back out and not do it.

I know, I know. I’m such a disappointment.  BUT I have decided to do something else instead.

So you know those girls that are completely prom crazy? Not psycho-prom-crazy…just regular prom crazy. Well, I’m going to write a book about that. But through my own experience, so it won’t be so cliche. And that’ll take 155 more days, because that’s how long it is til prom.

Plus, I’m reading a book right now, and I don’t want to accidentally take something from that book…so yeah.

But at least I got inspired!


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