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Who wants to play Cake-tionary? June 19, 2014

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*Sister looks over shoulder*
Me: See his lil antlers?
My Sister: No, I didn’t see the antlers. Why’s he blue…
My Other Sister: Because he’s cold

Drinking Tips for Teens

No, I don’t want an award or a pat on the back or a gift certificate for unlimited foot rubs just because I, a dad, did something that moms do all the time, because I know that makes the moms crazy – or as I like to call them, “the ladies,” but I do so ironically, which means they can’t call me sexist because I’m only pretending to be sexist while being, in fact, totally sexist. I love irony.

I also love my wife for taking care of most of the birthday party planning over the years and being wildly successful at it. She once created a version of Twister in which you not only had to place your foot or hand on a coloured circle but also had to eat weird food that matched that colour. Like the real Twister, this was fun for only so long. But no…

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