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The moment I started listening to the conversation downstairs while I was writing this post, I heard my whole family pairing me up with guys from school…. September 14, 2014

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Okay, since I wasn’t here, it was kinda hard to know that I got a bajillion awards from bunched of lovely WordPress people (actually, it was just this person, but HEY, I’LL TAKE IT!).

Okay, so:

  1. What is your favorite writing spot? I saved this one for last because I really have absolutely no idea/don’t think I have one. I’ve written on the floor, in a classroom, at a table with really hard chairs…I’ll write anywhere, but I don’t think that I’ve found a favorite spot yet!
  2. Tea or coffee? TEA! But the herbal kind. Mixed with honey. And lemon juice. It’s amazing.
  3. Do you prefer to write at a certain time or in a certain kind of weather? Ermmm not particularly, I don’t think. I write when I feel like it/have a REALLY GOOD IDEA. And even when I have a good idea, I sometimes don’t even write THAT down (..it’s because I’m boring. sorry guys).
  4. Do you have a hard time coming up with these questions, too? Yes, but that’s when I just go ahead and ask stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with anything…like chair legs! Or snowglobes! Or eyebrow hairs! Gotta love them eyebrow hairs.
  5. Are there any plants on the deck at the moment? (If so, what kind?) Well, there’s a plant on the windowsill…and I’m not exactly sure. The person that gave it to us said it was grapes (I’m pretty sure) but the pot says that it’s some kind of flower…so now I’m confused. But I just water it and go along with it, and hope that by the time it’s mostly grown, I can wake up one morning and be all like “DUDE OH MY GOSH IT’S A {fill in the blank}!! I TOTALLY KNEW IT!!”

I am much too lazy to nominate people, so WHOEVER LOOKS AT THIS, I give you my formal permission to go ahead and answer the questions that I shall list for you below.

  1. …Did they shorten the length of questions you’re supposed to give out? I always thought it was 10 or 20 or something.
  2. What is your favorite cute little animal, and why?
  3. If you could live in a non-dystopian world, which one would you live in, and why?
  4. If you could stop time for 5 minutes (as in, everyone freezes for 5 minutes, but you can still move around), what would you do?
  5. How many siblings do you have, and which one is the least/most annoying? (If you’re an only child…I don’t know, make up the perfect sibling or something.)

Have at it, my pretties :3


7 Responses to “The moment I started listening to the conversation downstairs while I was writing this post, I heard my whole family pairing me up with guys from school….”

  1. A.R.Wolf Says:

    1) I have no clue, don’t ask me…
    2) Baby Snow Leopard – because snow leopards are adorable as fuck.
    3) Hmmm…Non-dystopian is the same as utopian, so…I suppose my utopian society would be a place where there are no judge-mental people, or people who decide that it’s all good fun to stab you in the back. Basically, a native tribe about 2,000 years ago where everything was shared, and those who were total assholes were outcast.
    4) I would first get all of the people I have a major crush on in the same room, then pause time, then find out exactly what kind of bits everyone has, then leave, then un-pause time…No, I regret nothing…
    5) I am an only child, so…perfect sibling doesn’t exist. Just saying. If I could, I’d turn my dog into my sister. She’s the closest to perfect for a sibling…

  2. Hey, that was me… *scratches head* :-P
    1. This is a different award, that’s why. :-P
    2. SQUIRRELS!!! :-D
    3. Middle-Earth. Absolutely. ^_^
    4. Probably use the time to prank everyone….
    5. 3 siblings. As to the most/least annoying… It depends on who is shouting at me to do something for them at the moment. :-P

  3. Also, I want to know the general consensus of your family on who to “ship” you with. X-P

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