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There’s no place like… December 7, 2012

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Gotcha didn’t I? You thought I was going to say home…hehehe.

So, instead of the normal embarrassing ramble that we’ll all regret reading sooner or later, I’m going to TOTALLY skip the last 14-almost-15 years of my life and start with today.

So, I was sitting here at my laptop randomly thinking about random things (what random thing will I say next? do dogs make faces when they give birth? where the heck did Darwin even dream-up the idea of evolution?) and realized I was hungry. SO, like any NORMAL person would, I got up and I got down the bag of chips (unless, of, course, your a NON-normal, UN-normal, SOMEONE-NEEDS-SOME-CHIPS-ASAP-NOT normal person who likes munching on carrots, which is fine by me). So after I opened the bag….lo, and behold, there was a quarter bag full of crushed chips awaiting my expectant eyes. So what did I do next, you wonder?

I started eating them.

After about a few handfuls of chips were eaten, my brain registered what just happened and thought, Waaaaaait a second…

SO! Then I yelled at every person who crossed paths with me that it was their fault that my bag of chips was crushed (including a random person driving down my street) and when my sisters asked for the remaining crumbes….I coughed in the bag and gave it to them!

See what I did there?


2 Responses to “There’s no place like…”

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  2. This is actually pretty hilarious, believe it or not.

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