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Not for myself, but for our world in neeeed December 9, 2012

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Today is such a loooong daaaaay…and it’s not even over yet! Well, at least I got to go and SEE some actual civilization today; you can’t live long without it, you know.

SO, I think you all need a Friday update. SO we went to this festival/get together/ Christmas thingy for our town, and my dad took us (dad=ohmigoshwe’reallgonnadieWORLDPLEASETAKEMENOW)… thankfully, though, absolutely NO ONE – or at least, none of us- died. I’m very proud of him.

It was actually way more fun than I thought it would be. Turns out, there ARE guys between the ages of 12 and 18 and some of them are even moderately good-looking! And that’s saying something…I thought we lived in a town full of 65 year olds that were starting to lose their teeth or something. Maybe even a few limbs. And possibly a hair or too….or a wig.

So I made a list of ALL THE THINGS I’m absolutely determined to do before December is over:

1) Stick a marshmallow on a tree

2) Watch someone die (okay…that’s what you get for writing your list at 3 in the morning)

3) Pour cider into the grass right behind you to make it look like your peeing (…I worry about myself sometimes)

4) Sing Merry Christmas to the tune of Happy Birthday (I ALMOST did that one…but the moment I decided to do it with somebody, everybody left the singing premises)

5) Throw a snowball at someone and yell TAKE THAT YOU ZOMBIE! YOU CAN’T TAKE OVER MY PLANET

6) Ram a book into somebody’s back (where the heck did that come from? it’s not even christmas-y! unless I rammed a book about the true meaning of christmas into someone…then it’d be TOTALLY acceptable :D)

7) Sing terribly offtune to a random christmas carol while someone is playing the trombone (I don’t even know someone that plays the trombone?)

8) Eat as much candy as you can in 2 minutes (I’d run out…seriously)


10) Hand out toothbrushes as Christmas presents (OOOO, I know exactly when I’m going to do it too. hehehe…)


4 Responses to “Not for myself, but for our world in neeeed”

  1. Zia Says:

    LOL! good luck with these XD i love no. 5.

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  3. I want to hand out toothbrushes at Christmas. X-D

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