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Ahh…the Yew Near January 1, 2013

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…I mean, New Year.
So, heeeey! After a long…cold…long-cold….long…..and cold….and very present filled Winter Break (even though it’s not even over yet), I am back!
…With nothing to report.
Well, other than I took on a reading challenge to read 195 books by the end of the year. I’ll probably end up doing around 300-something now, but it’s a challenge, so BRING IT GOODREADS!! >:D


7 Responses to “Ahh…the Yew Near”

  1. Zia Says:

    omg goodreads is soo amazing <3 like an online bookstore but better!

  2. What’s the link for the challenge?

  3. […] Ahh…the Yew Near There’s actually not really as much wrong with this, I just didn’t even read 50 books […]

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