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Mortal terror=chips January 7, 2013

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Today, as I’m sure no one everyone knows, is the one month anniversary of this blog.

So I went back and read what I wrote last month…..

GOSH I was boring. I don’t know how any of my friends put up with me sometimes…if I were on the other side looking at myself, I’d think I was kinda boring, but friend-worthy.

But still.

Oh, and just to clarify….I didn’t really cough in the chip bag. I did one of those fake cough/breathe-y sounds that SOUNDS like a cough….but itsn’t really one.

I still can’t believe they ate them after I fake-coughed in it. Seriously. They even looked at me with one of those OMG-EW-YOU-COUGHED-IN-THE-CHIPS looks (for those of you who don’t know what that looks like, it’s a look of disgust/terror/surprise/terror/anxiety (to get your chips out of the grubby hands of whoever coughed in it….even though mine were NOT grubby. At all.)/…..terror).


3 Responses to “Mortal terror=chips”

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica Says:

    Happy first monthsary for your blog! My first post was kinda depressing and laughable, but at least I’ve grown now :)

  2. Coughing in the chip bag… X-D

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