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I couldn’t find a box of donuts that didn’t look gross or have dunkin donuts on it September 14, 2014

Freaking crap, I leave for a few months, and BAM! WordPress looks like something worthy of the title ‘2014’. And I haven’t even looked at everything yet, apparently.


I wouldn’t know, I haven’t actually looked yet. I also forget how to turn it on. But I’m pretty sure I had it so that it would turn on whenever it’s supposed to turn on. I’m not really sure.

ANYWHO, I just wanted to reassure everyone that I’m alive, and that school hasn’t killed me yet. I haven’t actually written anything remotely funny lately (well, there was this one thing, but I just sprinkled some funny stuff ’cause it was supposed to be one of those serious thingies), so don’t be surprised if you’re severely disappointed at my loss of ‘skillz’.

In the coming weeks/days, I’m going to try to log on and write some sentences about what’s been going on. Because there’s been a TONNNNNN going on. Like, you have no idea. I can’t even try to tell it all write now because ti would take hours. Literally, hours. So I’ll spread it out between a few days, while telling you what’s happening that day (which will be Everything or Nothing).

I would start now, but I’m kinda hungry…sooo here’s a picture of foods so that you guys can suffer with me.

I am nothing if not generous.

I am nothing if not generous.

I bid you all adieu!


I Got Bored (You’re Welcome) May 9, 2014

If you were trapped on an abandoned island and your only resources were 3000 popsicle sticks, 3 gallons of glue, 2 tires, and 30 rubber bands, what would you do? What would you build?

Well first of all, I’d wonder why on earth there were 3 gallons of glue on an abandoned island. Then I’d wonder who one earth was able to eat 3000 popsicle’s and still be alive (just kidding, I’ve probably eaten about that many). Then I’d wonder where all of those rubber bands came from…but I don’t think I’d wonder so much about the tires. I feel like tires should be included on the list of random things that would be on a random abandoned island.

First, I’d probably build some incredibly sad and flimsy shelter out of glue and tires. I won’t go in depth explaining how that would work, because it probably wouldn’t. Second, I’d try to see if there were any more popsicles (hey, if they were there that long, then there’s got to be some liquid popsicles somewhere). Then after that I’d probably build some kind of raft/boat/floaty-thingy. I feel like that wouldn’t do me much good, though. If I had absolutely no idea where I was and it was ridiculously sunny outside all the time, why would I want to aimlessly float around on something that could sink at any moment and risk the chance of dying of a heat stroke?

On second thought, maybe I’d just find a way to build a gigantic fire…


SUPER DUPER QUICK UPDATE (before I go back into the land of sorrow and woe…) April 29, 2014

Okay guys, I am about to do the QUICKEST UPDATE EVER.

Unless it ends up not being so quick..then yeah.

1) I finished reading The Red Badge of Courage and writing my over a thousand word literary analysis essay on it (THANK YOU SO MUCH HEAVENLY FATHER I LOVE YOU)

2) Now I have my honors projects book….A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (I ALWAYS spell that state wrong >.>) then I have to write a freaking essay on that (crap I hate being in honors courses sometimes….THIS BETTER NOT COME BACK TO HAUNT ME IN COLLEGE)

3) I still have some math offline work to turn in for math (woo hoo)

4) The late due date deadline is next sunday (*CRIES CRIES CRIES CRIES CRIES*)

5) I haven’t posted anything in like…forever…

6) Camp NaNoWriMo died. Literally. Okay, well not literally…but you know what I mean. BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE I was able to help somebody else with their novel (YOU’RE WELCOME NIKKI)!

7) I know I’m forgetting some school assignment…I just don’t know what….but I will for real be JUST. FINE. RIGHT after I turn in that literature essay.

Stupid freaking essay.

8) I have to miss this going to a spring formal because I thought it was on saturday…but it isn’t….it’s on friday…and this lady asked me to babysit from 5-10 and I figured, oh, I’m not doing anything on friday…SURE!! :D

………………………………………………………..stupid dance.


Not literally though. I kinda feel better now…because I realized the source of my problem is that book/ essay.


So yup…there’s actually more stuff, but like I said, this is a QUICK update…so LATER PEEPS


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