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New Year (kinda?) New Blog September 16, 2019

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What’s up my dudes!! Long time no see!

Four years no see, to be exact…

But anyway. Since I’m old and cool and bored now, I’ve made a new site that y’all can check out and follow and all that jazz. It’ll definitely be more of a serious type thing…but you guys read too much Twitter anyway (no offense to the twitter kids because I too am a Twitter kid).

Feel free to check it out and leave comments! I posted an introductory post and am currently working on my first for real post.

Stay tuned!!!!



I’M ALIVE July 6, 2015

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And back from the dead!

I know, I know…you’re welcome.

But man. This summer and 2nd semester of school was some busy stuff. First, I had to make sure I passed the one subject I had left to pass (which I did. And, might I add, with flying colors). Then I had to, you know, graduate and stuff. It was a struggle guys…BUT I GOT THROUGH IT! And on a completely random side note, I had to use a chromebook for like, 3 weeks, and it had no Caps Lock. So now I use the shift button all the time.

Well, at least my thumb is getting a good workout (am I the only one the uses just their thumb to hit the shift key?)!

I also went to Florida for all of June (YAY!!!) and that was fun. My mom took me to Universal and Wet and Wild for my senior trip. Favorite Universal Part: GOING ON THE HULK THREE TIMES IN A ROW! My mom didn’t like it, BUT I DID!! I wish we’d gone again, actually…Also, we went to downtown disney. Which is the best. Favorite Wet n Wild Part: Um. Well. The lazy river was cool. AND I LOVED THE BLACK HOLE. It was just wayyyy too short. I cannot, however, WAIT to see what they do with the place after they tear it all down next year. They better be making some long rides.

Favorite Part of the Entire Vacation: My mom and I went down to Orlando a day ahead of the rest of my sisters so that she could go to her 20 year class reunion and so that I could babysit for her friend’s child (I LOVE that kid, by the way). So I went out with her to another friend’s work place so that she could do some work. And I drove a gold cart around and looked at wrecked cars. And I got to listen to plenty of music. And I got to tease her friend. And, basically, I was an only child for the day.


I wouldn’t trade my sisters for anything in the world, though. Who else would I play barbie’s with?

But all in all, this summer has been great so far. I am excited for what the rest has to offer of itself.


I have no idea what this is, but I think it calls for a Dr. Suess joke

I have no idea what this is, but I think it calls for a Dr. Suess joke

My sisters and I were cleaning the blinds in my grandma's house, and the cleaning cloth actually looked pretty cool

My sisters and I were cleaning the blinds in my grandma’s house, and the cleaning cloth actually looked pretty cool

The car bunny and the unicorn my friend gave me. They make a lovely couple.

The car bunny and the unicorn my friend gave me. They make a lovely couple.

Took this picture when we had 2 hours left to go!

Took this picture when we had 2 hours left to go!


The Sisterhood of Bloggers Award January 8, 2015

Fancy Shmancy, huh?

Fancy Shmancy, huh?

Okay, so I literally got this award 4 months ago, but that was back when I was still an unpublished, unappreciated artist, struggling to make due with the little money I had.

I’m actually still an unpublished, unappreciated, artist that’s poor, so I guess that’s really no excuse. SO, I’m going to go ahead and post the rules and answer the questions now!

After thanking the most wonderful erinkenobi2893 (loving the name darling…don’t think I’ve ever told you that).

Rules: Show the icon on your blog, answer questions, make up new questions, nominate bloggers, and notify them of the nomination.

(On A Random Side Note: I love my sisters so much.)

Questions (Prepare Yourself):

  1. How many times in a day do you look things up online, on average? Oh, my life is online, so I look up stuff all the time. Sometimes I still have to look up my school’s official website…
  2. What is the strangest thing you have ever said to anyone? UGH, I DIDN’T KNOW THESE WOULD BE HARD QUESTIONS!! How about I say the strangest thing I’ve ever thought about someone? Recently, that is. I’m pulling a Dory right now. So this one time, a random guy just walked up to me and started talking, and all I could think was “…He is cute. He is talking. He’s talking to me. Why is he talking to me?” I didn’t even completely register what he said until he walked away.
  3. Since my dad is having us watch The Avengers and all the movies leading up to them… who’s your favorite Avenger? ;-) CAPTAIN AMERICA. The Winter Soldier movie totally changed my mind. Before him, it was Iron Man. I love how arrogant but witty he was in all his movies. I think it’s hilarious.
  4. Which Avenger are you most like, in your opinion? In your friends’ opinions? None. My sister also says none.
  5. If you had to pick one–just one–fictional character to be caught with in the middle of a natural disaster (or a nuclear war, take your pick) who would you choose? Erm, captain america? I feel like he’d figure out a way to keep me alive. But then again, he’d probably try to be all heroic and sacrifice himself or something crazy like that. Superheroes these days….sheesh!
  6. Oddest thing you’ve sung in the shower? I was in a really random, ridiculously happy mood this one time, so I just put a tune to random words, and I sang it for awhile. I stopped in the middle of my shower, but then I picked back up randomly 2 hours later. I think it had something to do with potatos and cows and school buses, I don’t really remember.
  7. What is the biggest thing you’ve had malfunction about your account or blog? (Mine is the elusive “like” button which I have often complained about.) I actually don’t think I’ve had any big problems at all. YAY, KARMA EXISTS :’D We should probably call the CIA now…
  8. Favorite kind of fruit? Mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, peaches, apricots, green grapes, granny smith apples, any kind of crunchy apple….actually, pretty much any fruit other than raisins and bananas (does anybody else have to double check how they spell bananas?)
  9. What book/movie/poem/short story has made the biggest impact on you lately? OH, THIS. I literally watched it an hour ago, and cried my face off. I also watched another one where a bunch of kids flash mobbed a NYC station (I would so love to do that…follow your dreams guys!) and one with little babies (I’m not sure how big the impact they made on my was…but THEY’RE SO CUTE).
  10. And, last but not least, what was the funniest thing you read recently? Please share! ;-) The comment I made for this post. I didn’t realize we were so funny.

Nominations: I think the Sisterhood of Traveling-I mean, uh, of Bloggers, should be available to everybody! Boys included! LET’S MAKE IT WORLDWIDE, BABY.

Oh wait…it already is? Well then…Oh well, anybody can answer my questions then!

My Questions: I liked a lot of the original ones, so I’m going to just give the go-ahead to answer the same questions that I did!

How do these posts end up being so long?


So My Sister Was in a Class Connect…

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And describing this book that she’s writing.

Sister: So her mom is Hera, and she has brown hair, green eyes, and light skin, and she’s dead-

Me: Wait, Hera can’t die.


Me: Wait, it was malaria, wasn’t it.

Sister: Anyways, Zeus, who is the king of olympus, is her father-

Me: Is Zesus dead too? I bet he had the flu.



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I already love Taylor, but this was absolutely AMAZING. I teared up, like, 3 times.



My First 2015 Post (Which May or May Not Be As Boring As This Title) January 5, 2015

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Hey guys! It’s 2015!

I mean, the 2015. The year I’ve dreaded/looked forward too/put off (as much as you can put a year off). It’s been a very interesting first 4 days.

But anyways, now comes the part where I address the problem of my lack of posting. I know that some of you have seen me here and there, reading and liking and commenting on different posts, but I haven’t posted anything since October 21st. I haven’t actually posted something since September 14th.

That, my friends, is a very short amount of time in dog years, but I’m afraid that most of my readers are not dogs, so that leaves me no excuse.

I must now jump off of a dock into the unknown waters of…um…the lake. Yeah.

Just kidding, I have too many plans to do that. Yet.

But ANYWHO, I have decided that, for your reading pleasure, I’ll post one of those What Was I Thinking?! posts. You know, the ones where you look back on previous posts and cringe. IT’LL BE GREAT!!

1. There’s No Place Like… I have no idea what I was thinking. This was the most stupid beginning post I have ever seen in my up-to-now existence. I didn’t even yell at anyone coming down my street. I lied to make it more uh…’interesting’. And what’s with the wondering what face a dog makes at birth? That just sounds crazy.

2. Doing Absolutely Nothing… I do not understand my obsession with putting “…” in the title. Apparently, I felt it was necessary here. And since when do you need to justify somebody is good looking? They were born so you could stare at them. That’s the price you pay when you’re good looking.

3. Not for myself, but for our world in neeed First of all, I would like to assure the world that I’m not crazy. Because this just sounded crazy. I didn’t do anything on this list, by the way, except for stick a marshmallow in a tree.

Needless to say, it wasn’t that exciting.

4. Ahh…the Yew Near There’s actually not really as much wrong with this, I just didn’t even read 50 books that year. Fail.

5. Mortal terror=chips

I can’t believe I decided to re-visit that topic…and half of what I wrote didn’t even make any sense…

I didn’t put these in any particular order but if you want to, you know, cringe with me, be my guest.


The moment I started listening to the conversation downstairs while I was writing this post, I heard my whole family pairing me up with guys from school…. September 14, 2014

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Okay, since I wasn’t here, it was kinda hard to know that I got a bajillion awards from bunched of lovely WordPress people (actually, it was just this person, but HEY, I’LL TAKE IT!).

Okay, so:

  1. What is your favorite writing spot? I saved this one for last because I really have absolutely no idea/don’t think I have one. I’ve written on the floor, in a classroom, at a table with really hard chairs…I’ll write anywhere, but I don’t think that I’ve found a favorite spot yet!
  2. Tea or coffee? TEA! But the herbal kind. Mixed with honey. And lemon juice. It’s amazing.
  3. Do you prefer to write at a certain time or in a certain kind of weather? Ermmm not particularly, I don’t think. I write when I feel like it/have a REALLY GOOD IDEA. And even when I have a good idea, I sometimes don’t even write THAT down (..it’s because I’m boring. sorry guys).
  4. Do you have a hard time coming up with these questions, too? Yes, but that’s when I just go ahead and ask stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with anything…like chair legs! Or snowglobes! Or eyebrow hairs! Gotta love them eyebrow hairs.
  5. Are there any plants on the deck at the moment? (If so, what kind?) Well, there’s a plant on the windowsill…and I’m not exactly sure. The person that gave it to us said it was grapes (I’m pretty sure) but the pot says that it’s some kind of flower…so now I’m confused. But I just water it and go along with it, and hope that by the time it’s mostly grown, I can wake up one morning and be all like “DUDE OH MY GOSH IT’S A {fill in the blank}!! I TOTALLY KNEW IT!!”

I am much too lazy to nominate people, so WHOEVER LOOKS AT THIS, I give you my formal permission to go ahead and answer the questions that I shall list for you below.

  1. …Did they shorten the length of questions you’re supposed to give out? I always thought it was 10 or 20 or something.
  2. What is your favorite cute little animal, and why?
  3. If you could live in a non-dystopian world, which one would you live in, and why?
  4. If you could stop time for 5 minutes (as in, everyone freezes for 5 minutes, but you can still move around), what would you do?
  5. How many siblings do you have, and which one is the least/most annoying? (If you’re an only child…I don’t know, make up the perfect sibling or something.)

Have at it, my pretties :3


I couldn’t find a box of donuts that didn’t look gross or have dunkin donuts on it

Freaking crap, I leave for a few months, and BAM! WordPress looks like something worthy of the title ‘2014’. And I haven’t even looked at everything yet, apparently.


I wouldn’t know, I haven’t actually looked yet. I also forget how to turn it on. But I’m pretty sure I had it so that it would turn on whenever it’s supposed to turn on. I’m not really sure.

ANYWHO, I just wanted to reassure everyone that I’m alive, and that school hasn’t killed me yet. I haven’t actually written anything remotely funny lately (well, there was this one thing, but I just sprinkled some funny stuff ’cause it was supposed to be one of those serious thingies), so don’t be surprised if you’re severely disappointed at my loss of ‘skillz’.

In the coming weeks/days, I’m going to try to log on and write some sentences about what’s been going on. Because there’s been a TONNNNNN going on. Like, you have no idea. I can’t even try to tell it all write now because ti would take hours. Literally, hours. So I’ll spread it out between a few days, while telling you what’s happening that day (which will be Everything or Nothing).

I would start now, but I’m kinda hungry…sooo here’s a picture of foods so that you guys can suffer with me.

I am nothing if not generous.

I am nothing if not generous.

I bid you all adieu!


The Post In Which I Include A Picture of Tyler Perry Dressed As A Woman July 13, 2014

Hello my wonderful fellow bloggers! It’s been awhile since I posted an actual post (June 16th, to be precise), so I decided to relieve your tired eyes (that should be asleep) and grace you with my amazing wit and funnyness.


So guys, this could just me being, well, me, but I am one of those people who like to know where I stand. I like to know the kind of person I’m talking too. I like to know what they think of me and so on and so forth.

What? I’m a girl, okay? I can’t be COMPLETELY perfect…

Just kidding, I am.

(Just kidding.)

But anyways, has it ever bothered anyone else when you’re talking to someone online (for me, it’s in my online classes for school), and you don’t know whether they’re a guy or a girl?

Tyler Perry? Madea? Tydea?

Tyler Perry? Madea? Tydea? Maperry?

Maybe it’s just a girl thing (or maybe it’s just a me thing) but it kind of bothers me. It didn’t used to…but now it does. Just a little. It’s kinda like an itch on your back. It’s hard to reach, but you can juuuuust scratch it. And then you go on your merry way, right?

But then 60 SECONDS LATER, it itches again.

There was this one time in 9th grade when I met this person in my English class. Their name was Dakota. I had a friend whose name was Dakota, and she’s a girl, so I thought “HEY LOOK! Another girl Dakota!! :D”

*Fast-forward to the middle of second semester*

A lot of the high school students had to switch homeroom teacher because our system was changing, so I ended up having the same HR teacher as Dakota. So we were all introducing ourselves and this one girl was like “I’m sorry for asking this Dakota, but I was just wondering…are you a girl or a boy?” to which he replied “Haha, no problem. I’m a guy :)”

That whole semester and a half of which he was my friend, I had assumed he was a girl. So I acted like he was a girl, without directly saying anything that SOUNDED like I thought he was a girl. I told my best guy friend later, and he laughed so hard…I kinda wanted to punch him in the shoulder, but 1) he lived on the other side of the state and 2) it was kinda of funny.

Just a teeny bit.

But WHILE I’m on the topic of genders, HOW CAN YOU PROPERLY SAY AN ANIMAL PICTURE IS CUTE WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT GENDER IT IS!? I mean, you’d either have to say “AWWWW! [Fill in the Blank] is so cuuuuuuute!” or “AWWWW! It’s so cuuuuuuuute!”

You can’t go around saying [Fill in the blank]! That’s ridiculous! And you can’t say IT. It’s not an it. It has a gender. ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS TOO.



5 MONTHS LATER_UPDATE: Despite the over abundant use of capitalization, I was completely calm while writing this post…just wanted to throw that out there.


How to become a poet? July 9, 2014

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Okay, well don’t LITERALLY fall, but I’m with this guy.


Fall in love!
That’s all I can say for now and all the advice I can give, fall in love!
With what, with whom, or how you do it, well, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you fall in love.
After you have done that (the falling in love part), everything else is unimportant.
Yes, there are things like:
The first poem you write it has to gush out of your soul like a stream of water that just found its way from a deep cave;  turbulent, fast, and impure at the same time!
It has to contain every piece of your soul in it, cause that’s what poetry really is, your soul morphed into a different thing, morphed into a black ink that slithers on a white page, imprinting yourself on it.
But these are details, only details that you will be doing unconsciously, whether you like it…

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